Cybersecurity Bootcamp 2018

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Get Informed. Be Aware. Take Action. Cyber Attacks Affect Us All!

The ICSIC Canada is proud to host the 2018 International Cyber Security and Intelligence Conference on November 14 – 15, 2018 in Toronto Canada. ICSIC provides a rare opportunity for global experts in Cyber security, Intelligence, Counter-Terrorism, National Infrastructure, Industry, Cyber Operations research, Law enforcement, and Legal Practitioners to proffer unified ideas and best practices on cyber safety, attacks prevention and secured cyber world. ICSIC, is a unique cyber security and intelligence conference that features high profile speakers from cyber security, privacy, intelligence, national critical infrastructure and counter-terrorism. Attendees will have a unique privilege to interact with some of the best brains in the industry.

ICSIC Overview

ICSIC is a first class global cyber security and intelligence event spanning two days with highly

respected and distinguished speakers from government, industry, and academia. Each brings unique perspectives from experience, expertise and natural talents in the disciplines of emerging cyber technologies, ongoing global security issues, common National Cyber issues, multinational companies and unified cyber laws, operations and enforcement, academic, national critical infrastructure, intelligence and axiomatic experience.

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