5 interesting facts about Cyber Security and Data Breach you should know

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#1 – Just 21 percent of IT professionals are confident that their information security technologies can mitigate risk. – “ 2015 Vulnerability Study,” EiQ Networks – Source

#2- About 43 percent of businesses experienced a data breach in 2014. — “Is Your Company Ready for a Big Data Breach? The Second Annual Study on Data Breach Preparedness,” Experian/Ponemon Institute – Source

#3 – 50% of small and midsize companies reported suffering at least one cyber attack in the last 12 months – Source
#4 – Among all insider breaches, 55% are caused by misuse of privileged accounts – Source

#5 – Average cost of a data breach in US is US $ 154 per record; average cost per data breach is US $ 3.79 MM – Source

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