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Right before our eyes the world has changed from engaging face-in-person with colleagues, friends and business partners to face-booking and twitting. The social ideals that we all at some point relied upon and shared in physical connections and live meetings have been reduced to cyberspace. But cyberspace has also come with many drawbacks in cyberattacks, anonymous crimes, privacy breaches and host of other security incidence across the world. On one hand, technology has immensely made our lives easier and more prosperous with the evidence of increased wealth for many; On the other hand, the advancement in technology has weakened natural interactions, and introduced us to heightened risks of varied proportion, the chief of which are isolation and depression.

Yomi Olalere
Yomi Olalere
Ontario College of Management & Technology; Abaster Consulting

Regardless, the melting pot which technology has enabled us to achieve is unquestionably beneficial to our existence, but so is natural human interaction. In all, we cannot underestimate the power of physical collaboration, connection, and network. Many businesses still suffer acutely, due to lack of relationship and personal touch with their clients. Would you rather talk to a live person or a robot about the discrepancies on your telephone bill? The truth is, no matter how scientifically advanced our world has become, “internet bot or a web robot” cannot suitably and sustainably replace the essential service of customer service personnel.

True and lasting human relationship may be facilitated by the internet but cannot be sustained by advancement in technology. In effect, we can theorize that, in the world of human relationship and effective networking, technology is a means to an end, but not an end itself. Understanding this bitter truth may shift our focus to the age-long benefits of collaboration, networking, conferences.

When was the last time you took out time to attend a conference in your profession? How have you added values to yourself, your organization(s) and others around you by learning from peers, colleagues and from those whose knowledge and life experiences could take you from where you are to where you should be? Those who attend conferences or professional events are not wasting their time, but they are spending their times to acquire more capabilities so they could add more values to their employers, their businesses and to their lives.

Many professionals and organizations have benefited from the knowledge shared by others at conferences, seminars, workshops or meetups, but a certain situation that sticks with me was the story of a Medical Doctor who had sought specific solution to his ailing client. After efforts have been made to resolve the issue to no avail, the Doctor decided to sign up for a medical conference outside of his home town, but without any hope someone seated among the panel would be discussing the exact situation his ailing client was going through. He got the solution right there to the benefit of his dying client and to his professional pride!

Hardly can you move up the ladder these days without giving yourself to continuous learning and improved capabilities. To the ailing patient, the medical conference was a way out, but to an organization being attacked by the anonymous “agents” of darkness and predators, Cybersecurity and Intelligence Conference might just be the way out to learn, collaborate, network and add values. Of many reasons why you should find a conference in your profession to attend, the following stands out;

Educational opportunities: no matter how highly placed you are in your career, everyone can ‘learn, unlearn and relearn.’ Learning brings new revelation; it validates ideas and it improves capabilities. You cannot retain capacity without first, extends the capacity.

Networking with like-minds: I dare to make a bold assertion that the way to the top is often enrolled in the network of friends, peers, colleagues and “strangers.” As we know, most friendship often starts with meeting someone you have not seen, spoken to, or encountered in the past. That is what attending a conference in your area of profession or interests could do. Thought of meeting new business partners, vendors, customers, suppliers, employers, or someone that would later become the “icing” on your cake may not be out of place.

Opportunity to position yourself as an expert. If you can see what others have not seen; heard what others have not, or listened to what others have not listened to, then you are an expert in that area. Conference provides an opportunity to become an expert due to knowledge sharing, information gathering and skill acquisition. Remember, you cannot grow beyond what you know, and every learning is a product of recollecting or validating the former learning to attract a higher value.

Fun time: the traditional saying of a work-life balance is not without meaning, but daily works and deadlines have taken the attention of many professionals away from spending time to do something fun and different. And as they say, “we spend our health in search of wealth, and wealth in search of health.” It is time for Cybersecurity Professionals and Businesses to get out there and have fun! The 2019 International Cybersecurity and Intelligence Conference provides the platform to achieve all that have been attributed to the benefits of attending conference.

Register today at to learn from speakers like Dare King, the X-Group Chief, Cyber Intelligence @ US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

I look forward to seeing you there!

Yomi Olalere
Ontario College of Management & Technology; Abaster Consulting Inc.

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