Why attend the Ontario College of Management & Technology?

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Read a testimonial from a past student of OCMT:

Ontario College of Management and Technology (OCMT) gave me a gift I otherwise would never have received from my many years of academic studies. And that is, practical, in-demand, skills based training for today’s job market. This journey started in 2014 as a new immigrant in Canada, trying to navigate and succeed in a completely new terrain, puzzled with the same career dilemma many of my readers may face today. I attended an information session by OCMT and immediately registered for ERP SAP training. As an individual determined to succeed in an ever evolving technology space, the training positioned me by providing the right skills to assist businesses with problems at the intersection of technology and business using the world’s largest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software SAP. Did you know that over 70% of the world’s transaction must pass through a SAP system? The program was quite rigorous with intensive hands-on training on technical and business process facets. The quality and experience of the instructors, exposure to real-life business scenario’s, availability of a sandbox solution, career mentorship, certification preparations, resume and interview boot camps were some of the many reasons this program was highly effective and successful. At the end of my training, I passed the certification and my journey after that has been more than blissful. My SAP skillsets makes me a unique job candidate and this is evident in the multiple job offers I received. I have had the opportunity to work with a global manufacturing company managing SAP ERP and now I am at a global consulting company-KPMG, learning, growing and making a difference. Thank you OCMT for giving me an opportunity to pursue a career, doing work that matters to businesses and the world in general. 

Abraham Lincoln once said “The best way to predict the future is to CREATE IT”

Joan Ofulue, SAP
Senior Consultant, IT Advisory KPMG Canada
Masters of Economics, Specialization in Data Science

Create your future today by enrolling in one of OCMT’s skills based program.

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