2019 Cyber Security & Intelligence Award Winners

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Meet the 2019 Global Champions!

First up we have the Global Cyber Security Leadership Award:
Cyber Security Leadership award rewards an individual with outstanding industry leadership in Cyber Security. The award is designed for an individual who has demonstrated exemplary leadership in the industry including but not limited to building a competent workforce, led major projects, deployed Cyber Security programs at the highest levels and helped organizations to prevent a disastrous security incidence.

Our winner this year for the Global Cyber Security Leadership Award, CVP and CISO of Microsoft, Bret Arsenault.


Next up is the Outstanding Global Leadership Award:

Outstanding Global Leadership in Cyber Security, an award that is offered to individuals with certain unique combinations of Industry accomplishments and credible academic contributions that impacts the world.

Our Outstanding Global Leadership award this year goes to Dr. Mansur Hasib, the program chair of Cyber Security technology at University of Maryland college, USA.

Coming up is the Women in Cyber Security Award:

Women who have broken certain barriers to create a voice for the voiceless and championed the courses that affects women in Cyber Security. This recipient must have demonstrated (through passion and accomplishments) certain traits of global representation, leading women to embrace careers in Cyber Security. Their achievements must have been lauded by their peers, colleagues and external parties.

The winner of Women in Cyber Security Award for 2019 is Rima Aristocrat, President and CEO of Willis College, Canada.

Following this, the Cyber Security and Legal Scholarship Award:

Cyber Security and Legal Scholarship is a unique award conferred on individuals who combines accomplishments in Cyber Security with Legal. The emergence of cyber-attacks have called for a serious look into the legal aspects of Cyber Security. However, most lawyers are not tech savvy but there are few, who have found their calling in Cyber Security and continues to work with organizations of different sizes from preventive to corrective measures.

Our winner for the Cyber Security and Legal Scholarship Award is Paul Lanois, director at FieldFisher. 

Next up, the Cyber Security Academic Award: 

Educating minds has always been the hallmark of humanity. But, the kind of education that meets the challenges of this era often comes too late, and too little, partly due to shortage of capable hands, and in some cases, due to limited expertise in certain domain. However, there are those who are determined to make the world a better place by using their intelligence, expertise, knowledge and voice to transform minds and to renew our collective hopes for a better future. They invent different ideas to simplify a complex curriculum. This award is for them; it is for the outstanding scholars who continue to thrive in the face of challenges.

This years award for the Cyber Security Academic Award goes to Arash Habibi, assistant professor at UNB and Research Coordinator at CIC, New Brunswick. 


Last but certainly not least, the Cyber Security Research and Development Award:
Technology is dynamic so the Cyber Security world must be flexible to out-innovate the attackers. While the bad guys are working late in the night to harm the organizations and our “global village”, the good guys are watching and taking actions by researching into new domains for prevention, detection and correction. The growth of firms and nations depend on their capable minds to research for development. They have made impacts and continue to evolve with new ideas and discoveries. This award is for them.

The winner of the Cyber Security Research and Development Award this year is Anil Lamba, Ph.D, Practice Lead, Technology Risk, Audit and Compliance Projects, EXL New York.

Congratulations to all of the award winners, each have proved to be leading experts and visionaries in their respective fields earning them these awards. Now, will you join us and other industry leaders at ICSIC2k20?

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