Agustin Del Vento, Founder and CEO of Change Champions

As the Founder and CEO of Change Champions, Agustin leads impactful and innovative change management programs that drive the digital transformations of North America’s leading organizations. In 2018 and 2019, two clients were awarded with a CSO50 award for their cybersecurity awareness programs their demonstrated business impact and thought leadership. Agustin has over 12 years of experience in change management consulting, working with top firms Accenture and Deloitte. He holds a Master of Science degree in psychology and has published several academic papers related to organizational change and communication.

Instead of solely focusing on strengthening your perimeter, leaders need to look inward at their organizations to build a culture of cybersecurity awareness. That’s because your strongest security asset is your people – if they are alert to the real threats they face every day.  

Building a culture of cybersecurity awareness is a change management journey that requires careful planning, strategy and execution aimed at changing the behaviors of your people.


Cybersecurity awareness and adoption: Changing organizational behaviour to security conscious (Practical steps)