Corneliu Nitu, PhD, Security Researcher at Nokia Threat Intelligence Lab

Corneliu Nitu is a computer security professional with extensive experience with the development of security solutions in telephony and digital communication systems. With a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence, he has deep knowledge of intelligent technologies, which he applied in the development of cutting-edge products.  As a Security Researcher with Nokia’s Threat Intelligence Lab, he is responsible with the malware analysis, collection of threat intelligence and the research of the current trends in cyber security. He currently leads the efforts to develop strategies for the detection and prevention of attacks on IoT and industrial systems.

Topic: Preparing for tomorrow’s attacks on IoT systems – a practical approach.

  • Attendees will learn about the current state of IoT attacks and infections, based on the aggregated results from field deployments in major mobile carriers.
  • The material provides an in-depth analysis on how intelligent technologies apply in the domain of IoT security, with concrete examples of techniques used by attackers and by the defenders.
  • The presented material will help security professionals better understand the topic of IoT security and help make informed choices regarding improving security of IoT systems.
  • The presentation targets a wide audience by providing good overviews of the subject matter, contributing to a deeper understanding of IoT security. At the same time, the presentation provides meaningful technical details and actionable recommendations to improve IoT security.