Daniel Tobok – Plenary Session Speaker

Daniel Tobok is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cytelligence Inc. Prior, he was the Managing Director, Cybersecurity at Telus. He is an internationally recognized cyber security and digital forensics expert, as well as a serial entrepreneur who has created and successfully divested several cyber security companies. Mr. Tobok has more than 18 years of hands-on experience in all facets of cyber intrusions and hacking incidents as well as forensic digital investigations.

Mr. Tobok works for and advises executives and corporate counsel at Canada’s top corporations and private companies. In addition, he also works with Finance, Human Resources, and IT departments in a broad range of organizations. A special area of focus for Mr. Tobok is the role of Boards and individual Directors in preventing hacking incidents and cyber theft of customer data, money, and intellectual property.

He is a tireless educator about the increasing frequency of cyber threats, the threats to business, the loss of privacy, and the need for constant vigilance. Reporters, editors, and producers have sought his opinion and commentary on security breaches and breaking security stories. He has been interviewed by The Financial PostThe Globe and Mail,The Lawyers WeeklyThe Law Times, CTV, CBC, CityTV, and Global Television.


Techniques and Approach: Gathering Intelligence on foreign-launched cyber-attacks .