Joshua Crumbaugh, CEO PeopleSec

Joshua Crumbaugh is an engaging and internationally respected cybersecurity subject matter expert, author, keynote and public speaker. During Joshua‘s ethical hacking career he has never encountered a single network that could keep him or his teams out. He has also accomplished several impressive social engineering feats, such as talking his way into bank vaults, fortune 500 data centers, corporate offices, restricted areas of casinos and more. His experience in all things security led him to realize something had to change. This was the catalyst that led him to found PeopleSec where he is the CEO and Chief Hacker. Joshua is internationally recognized as one of the world’s most accomplished social engineers and the world’s leading expert on cybersecurity awareness.


How To Rob A Bank Over The Phone – this session is 50% real audio from a social engineering engagement and 50% lessons learned from the call.

Audience: This is an engaging talk that provides audience members with red and blue team social engineering strategies. Audience members will walk away better prepared to conduct social engineering assessments or defend against them.