The need for safeguarding against cyber crime and cyber terrorism has never been greater.

ICSIC is an international cybersecurity and intelligence conference focusing on empowering private and public enterprises (including government) with latest information on techniques, strategies, solutions and cost effective method of ensuring a defense-in-depth cybersecurity program.

As globalization connects every country together in what is now famously known as a “global village,” the digital space has been instrumental in creating a market-place where every nation converges to transact business. This advancement in technology has spurned growth and development in many nations especially, the developed countries, and the emerging markets. In record number than we have ever seen, organizations are leveraging the power of technology – big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IOT), and web applications to drive their infrastructure and ultimately, their sales.

While this development creates ripple effect in economic benefits, it comes at an extraordinary cost to enterprise’s critical information assets. According to the 2016 Internet Security Threat Report released by Symantec, a new ‘Zero-Day Vulnerability’ is discovered every week. Unfortunately, the number has risen by 125% from the year before. A critical look at the nature of the attack in 2015 reveals something different in the behavior of Hacking Team. Hackers are not interested in money or identities, but in obtaining cyberweapons to unleash terror on their targets. Who is the next target, and what ‘ammunition’ are available, deployable and effective for your organization to mitigate the cyber threats?