Goals and Benefits


To empower attendees with quality information on emerging threats, techniques, strategies, solutions and cost effective method of ensuring a comprehensive cybersecurity infrastructure.


  • You will leave this conference feeling empowered with unique and timely information needed to strengthen your organization’s critical infrastructure.
  • You will gain insight into some of the stories of cyber-attack victims, how they react and handled the attack with the media, shareholders, government and members of the public.
  • Many executives still struggle on how to justify the cybersecurity budget, or monetize the impact of cybersecurity attacks in their organizations. This conference will enable the management and the executives to understand effective method of quantifying (in liquid terms) the impact of cybersecurity and the financial benefits of having a defense in-depth cybersecurity program.
  • Panel discussions on a host of cybersecurity and intelligence issues will enable you to have firsthand opportunities of submitting your cybersecurity issues and questions to the cybersecurity experts from across the world.
  • The right mix of presentations on technical solutions, research findings, innovations, and best practices will empower you to protect your organization’s critical information asset.
  • Research has shown that attending a networking event remains one of the effective channels to meet new business partners, employers, or clients/customers. This event will offer you an opportunity to network with others in your industry, and make new contacts.
  • Opportunities for foreign security firms to attend session on entering Canadian market.
  • Through specialized and industry-specific sessions, you will acquire specific knowledge and adaptable solutions on how to overcome some of your organizational cybersecurity issues.
  • Earn up to 20 credit units for your cyber security certifications with the following organizations by attending ICSIC2019 on July 16-18:

Need Business Justification?

The ICSIC committee understands there might be a requirement for potential conference participants to provide business justification to attend this conference. To fulfill this requirement, contact us to receive a formal letter indicating why your attendance at the upcoming ICSIC event is important to both your career, as a Cyber Security Professional, Start-up business owner, Security Decision Maker, Information Security, Technology and related professions as well as your employer.